Tips to Achieve the Highest Quality Prints

When it comes to high quality prints, not many people consider their own impact on how their designs will be printed. With a percentage of people depending on the printing company, it is essential to consider your designs before you send it over to your chosen printing company. Here are a few things you should reflect on to achieve high quality prints.

Original High-Resolution Images

In order to have a successful large format print, the original photo must meet the quality needed. Without a high-quality photo to start with, it won’t matter how high quality the large format print is. Essentially, the pixel count on your image should be high enough to result in a high-quality print, a good rule of thumb is 300 pixels per inch for best quality.

To check how the resolution might pan out, zoom in to the image. The sooner the image looks blurry, the higher the chance of the image being bad quality when it comes to printing on a larger scale. Make sure that you always use the original resolution and sizes.

Vector vs Pixel

Pixel based graphics are made from pixels which can be seen when you zoom in on your image. The quality of these images is based on the resolution of the image. When you are expanding the size of your graphics, it is important that when they are pixel based, they are set to a high resolution. While this means that your image size will be large, it means that it has less chance of looking blurry when enlarging the image to your desired size.

Vector graphics on the other hand are measured out using mathematical equations where the edges of the shaped are calculated to sit in relation to one another. This also includes the colour, type of line and the fill of the graphics. Due to this factor, it means that no matter how you resize them, they will always maintain their shape and so no pixels show when you zoom in. The quality of the image will remain, no matter how large you require the design.

Pixels are great for images that have a lot of detail and blends of colour. With a high-resolution pixel image, you can get an image printed onto a variety of platforms, although you are limited on the size of print that you want doing. Vector images, in contrast, are amazing for upscaling and resizing the design to whatever proportions you want. The only downfall is that you are limited on the shapes, colours and blends due to the nature of the structured formats. Vector images are great for typography and logo design as you are not limited on the sizing and can get a high-quality print at any size.

Proof-read Before Printing

When it comes to printing leaflets or business cards, its important that you proof read everything to ensure that you have all of the correct information and that everything is correct on the pages that you want to print. Printing companies won’t proof read your work or make any edits and so it is essential that you have everything correct before you send the pages off to the printing companies.

It is important that all the spellings are correct and that all the information is relevant, to keep a professional image. It is also important that all the contact information is correct to make sure that all of you potential customers can reach you when they need your services.

Type of Medium

When it comes to the printing medium, you need to consider what it going to be printed and also what the aim is for the printing. If you are printing images that are used for advertisement, then you will want to use a medium that enhances the colour and quality of the photo. If you are printing leaflets for food, you will need to print onto a medium that is long lasting, as it could potentially be in someone’s house for many years to use for takeaways or need to keep in tact when in use in the restaurant/takeaway itself.

Methods of Printing

Typically, industry printers provide the highest quality prints. This means that for a batch production of leaflets or posters, it would be beneficial to look for a reputable printing company, such as Colprint. With normal domestic printers, you are limited to your options and limited to the mediums and sizes you can print.