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As professional Litho Printers based in Birmingham, Colprint have you covered for a wide range of your printing requirements. Whether you need a fast turnaround on Business Stationery, Leaflets & Flyers, NCR Sets or Business Cards, the team here at Colprint have the skills and experienced to get your materials to you when you need them most.

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What Is Lithographic Printing?

Lithographic printing is also known as litho, lithography, offset, planographic and planography printing. Litho printing is based on the principle that oil/ink does not mix with water. This type of printing is commonly used for prints that require multiple, if not hundreds of the same item. Litho printing is therefore used for businesses that require the a large number of copies of leaflets, brochures, flyers and business cards etc. If you are looking for a cost-effective way to print a large quantity of business cards, brochures, leaflets or flyers for your business, Litho printing is the way forward for you!

The Lithographic Printing Process

The printing process of a litho print can be carried out in four stages. The images and text that you provide is transferred onto a printing plate using a laser. Litho printing is completed simply by having a flat surface in all areas of the card or paper, so both image and non-image areas are on the same level. The process looks a lot like the old fashioned way for drying your clothes, where they would be pulled through a clothes wringer. Where you would place your clothes in between the two cylinders, your paper or card is there and the cylinders contain ink for the printing.The four stages of a lithographic print are:

  1. The images are provided, then the printing plate will contain the images that are due to be printed.
  2. The printing plate is kept dampened. The ink is applied to the plate, but will be repelled from the dampened areas (non-imaged areas).
  3. As the printing cylinder begins to rotate the ink is transferred onto the a rubber blanket cylinder.
  4. With the ink now being transferred onto the rubber blanket cylinder, it is then pressed onto the chosen paper or card whilst being pushed through the machine.



As modern technology has improved, some lithographic printing machines have improved, and involved putting the image onto the printing plate by shining ultraviolet light through a negative. Then, the plate is coated with a specific chemical which allows the ink to attach to the image area.

Advantages of Lithographic Printing

As a company we have worked with hundreds of clients in the Birmingham and West Midlands area and over time have developed a strong reputation for being the business who always seeks to go the extra mile.

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With an ambition to move forward, we are always moving with the times, exploring the boundaries, trying different printing techniques and finishes. This ensures we remain relevant and can continue to bring you the best litho products available on the market.

Whether you're a new business looking for the best offers on business stationery, or you're an established business looking for a quick turnaround to meet strict deadlines, Colprint have everything you need right here in one place.

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