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Colprint have been the number one choice for leaflet printers in Birmingham for many years now. Having printed thousands of leaflets over our time, we have developed an incredible and most certainly impressive reputation as top quality leaflet printers in Birmingham. We have worked with local businesses looking for the best quality leaflet printing in Birmingham for a long time now, meaning we know just how high the level of expectation is to completely satisfy our customers. Of which we achieve time and time again! With over two decades of experience in the printing industry, we know exactly what it takes to produce fine printing materials for you to market your business in the most appropriate way. So if you are seeking a top quality finish for your leaflet printing in Birmingham, look no further than Colprint for an expert service.

Leaflet Printers Birmingham

Cost Effective, Modern Marketing

Some people may think of leaflets as being a thing of the past, an outdated method of advertising. But this is certainly not the case, Colprint know differently. In the 21st century, more and more people have developed outgoing personalities, and although it seems like people spend most of their time indoors on the internet, the opportunity to pick up a leaflet in town is far more likely now, than it ever has been. A simple leaflet can be the ultimate advertising tool for your business, drawing in the most unexpected customers.

Businesses still use this method of advertising effectively to promote products or services they offer. The important thing to remember when designing your leaflet is the customer's perspective. If you want to create a successful leaflet, not only do you need a top quality leaflet printer, but the information within is equally as important. What really grabs your attention? What sells the product or service to you?

Our team believe that leaflets are better than ever, giving you unlimited choices on how or where to advertise your business. A great, top standard leaflet gives you an array of chances and opportunities to branch out, gain new customers and more importantly grow as a business. Your leaflet can reach thousands of new customers simply by:

  • Being posted through homes and businesses letter boxes
  • Handing them out in towns to passersby
  • Leaving them in shops for customers to pick up
  • Inserting them in local magazines and newspapers
  • Handing them out at events
  • Using them to advertise promotions/sales where it is only valid if you have a leaflet
  • Inserting them inside packaged orders

As you can see, by just doing a few of these useful tips, can and will attract customers you never even thought of having. Your leaflets will hit a brand new customer base, giving you an increase in customers, sales and even brand awareness! Magic!



Luxury Leaflet Printing

Colprint know promoting your business is vital in order to succeed in the competitive market in Birmingham. This means you need all aspects of your business covered including your: website, signage, printing, social media and advertising tools. You can't let your competitors get ahead of you and steal your customers so you need to bring your A game every single day and make sure you maintain the high level of advertising and marketing as you did when your first entered the business world. To start off with, when searching for a reliable top quality leaflet printer in Birmingham, Colprint should always be your first port of call.

Leaflet Printing Experts - Colprint

With the success of your business being especially important to us, we have equipped ourselves with only the best Digital and Lithographic Printers in Birmingham to ensure your leaflets meet your ever growing standards. All of the leaflets we print in Birmingham only use top of the range inks onto high quality paper so we know our customers are always happy when they see the end product, which they most definitely are! To receive the best quality leaflet printing for your business in Birmingham Colprint are the answer everytime. Be sure to give our team a call today and we assure you will get the highest standard leaflet printing in Birmingham alongside an unbeatable customer service.

Our special offers are regularly updated so it's best to contact us and we can tell you what's hot and what's not right now.

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7 Tips to Design & Print Leaflets Successfully

At Colprint, we have extensive knowledge when it comes to leaflet print and design, we know exactly how to make sure your leaflet stands out from the crowd…

Keep your headlines short and clear, people tend to look from the top to the bottom, so making sure that your main message comes across as quickly as possible is most effective. Also ensure that your leaflet isn’t cluttered through including too much information. This could put viewers off reading your leaflet.

Place your headline somewhere where it’s going to be seen, should your leaflets be displayed in a rack, you’ll need to headline to be placed so it can be seen.

Using striking images in your leaflet is another great way to attract a customer’s attention, if people are walking past, they may not take notice of words, but a large eye catching and bright image will grad their attention.

Businesses usually put their logo at the top of their leaflet, however, our experience has shown that placing it at the bottom encourages them to read on from the top to the bottom.

Most people find it hard to resist a special offer, so by including such discounts in your flyer, you’re encouraging your customers but in a way which they can’t refuse.

As well as using the front, utilising the back space is a great idea as it helps to expand your content and offers, there’s also the option to let your customers read more information on your products or services.

The next thing to include in your leaflet is to let your customers know what to do next, how to respond to the leaflet’s main message, seeing if they’re interested in what your company has to offer, they’ll need to know what to do next in order to utilise your products or services.



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