Calendar Printers Birmingham

Colprint are suppliers of promotional calendars and wall planners in Birmingham.

With years of experience in the calendar printing industry, we have the skills and knowledge to help you design a calendar for your every need. There's so many options available and for most of you, a general run-of-the-mill wall calendar will be what you are looking for to keep tabs on things like birthdays, work shifts and special occasions.

Calendar Printers Birmingham

Our calender printing service enables us to design and print quality calendars for home or commercial use. So whether you require a batch of promotional calendars or you simply want us to create a gift for a friend or relative, we can cater to your needs.

Some of you will be looking for a printer who can design and print promotional calendars for you to use as a business. Calendars can be used as part of promotional merchandising sets and provide an excellent way of promoting a product or service.

All of our calendars and wall planners are printed on high quality glossy paper, unless asked otherwise and meet the standards set by your high street calendar suppliers. The best thing about coming to Colprint, in Birmingham, for your printing needs is that the power is totally in your hands and you can come up with quirky, fun and imaginative designs that will no doubt look great at home or at work.

You don't necessarily have to stick to the conventional A3 rectangular calendars or the A4 wall planners, that you will generally find on the high street. Colprint are equipped with the tools and calendar printing experience to design and print calendars in all kinds of different shapes, sizes and colours too.

Promotional Calendar Printing Ideas

Promotional calendars are extremely popular among clients looking to increase their range of merchandising products. They can be handed out for free or sold as part of a money-making campaign to increase revenue.

We have listed some of our favourite ideas for promotional calendars below:

  • Car Garages – These promotional calendars would likely include car images. Each month might include a promotional offer for servicing, repairs, tyre changes or MOT’s.
  • Travel Agents – These calendars might include some of the top holiday destinations, with vibrant images that entice customers to book holidays to that destination.
  • Craft Shops – Each month might include a different task or how-to guide to encourage customers to try making something new. Of course, they will need the crafty products to be creative…
  • Fashion outlet – Each month might include a seasonal outfit or top trending products for that time of year. Again, this might encourage customers to come to you for new clothing and accessories each month.

Whatever ideas you have for promotional calendar printing in Birmingham, let Colprint assist you with your merchandise.



The process can be carried out in a couple of ways. You can send us your 13 different images, 1 for each month and a front cover too, or you can give us a call and discuss with us what your requirements are and we will come with a suitable design plan.

Colprint supply promotional calendars, business calendars, themed calendars, wall planners and more to Birmingham and the surrounding area.

Give Colprint in Birmingham a call today and we can discuss your calendar printing needs: 0121 333 6352



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